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Simms Intruder – The Ultimate Wet Wading Boot

Brookdog Fishing Co. Review of the Simms Intruder Boot

If you’re from a year-round fishery like we are, you likely deal with the challenge of getting equipped for every season.  One problem that I struggled with for years was the transition from spring to summer – it can be miserable wearing hot waders when the temps go up.  “Why don’t you wet wade,” you ask?  I do, but it comes with its drawbacks as well.  

For one, the neoprene socks you can get that allow you to use your wading boots to wet wade stink after a few uses,  create abrasions on your shins after prolonged wear (found that out fishing the Shenandoahs), and allow gravel and sand to get inside from the top (albeit small quantities).  There are also some wading shoes out there that claim they keep gravel out but these things  offer little ankle support and still let in some debris. I’ve even purchased hip waders before but could never find a pair with a good fit that provided me anything better than just rolling down my regular waders.

I recently found a solution to my wet wading woes – the Simms Intruder Boot.  Their ad, linked at the end of this review claims these boots provide, great traction, superb ankle support, and a tight seal to your shin that doesn’t rub.  I field tested these boots in 2 places that could confirm or deny these claims – the brook trout creeks of western North Carolina and the trout waters in and around Savage River State Park, MD.  If you’ve never fished western NC in the mountains, the creeks are steep gradient and your day will require a lot of hiking.  Some of the creeks around western MD, although beautiful, have a bad case of rock snot – they’re slippery to put it mildly.

How did they perform?  Just as claimed!  So good a bought my wife a pair for our upcoming trip to the Sierra Nevadas.  Give them a look.