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Varies depending on trip

Tailor Made Trip – You Dream it Up, We’ll Make it a Reality!

If our standard fishing trip is the box, a tailor made trip gets you outside.  If you’re the type of angler that wants something more or a little adventure and you  want to put something together that doesn’t fit our standard menu, we have you covered. Our ears are wide open and we’re always ready to try something new.

One idea is to book multiple days.  Honestly, it’s tough to showcase all the Buffalo Niagara region has to offer in just one day.  Another thing to consider is the weather.  Mother Nature can bless you one day and curse you the next.  Booking multiple days helps to ensure you get a quality experience on the water.  Let us know if booking multiple days is something that piques your interest.  We offer discounted rates for multiple days booked.

In addition to booking multiple days, another option is to consider an itinerary that allows you to overnight on one of the creeks where we do our inland river floats.

Pretty much anything related to fishing in the region is on the table.  Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help you bring it all together.

You’ll notice from our bios that Ryan is a veteran and participant in project healing waters.  He enjoys nothing more than putting his fellow vets on fish.  We’ll offer you a discounted rate of you provide proof that you are a veteran.

Notes: All fishing trips prices include meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the trip), snacks, drinks (we do not provide alcohol), and use of equipment. Come dressed for the occasion and we take care of the rest.

Our Fishing Trips and Charters

We offer a variety of guided fishing trips & charters throughout the Buffalo Niagara Region during winter, spring, summer and fall.
Fishing Trips and Charters For Everyone

We may be a little biased but the best way to experience the wonders of this region is from the water. Our fishing trips and charters on eastern Lake Erie, the Niagara River, the Lake Ontario bar, and the tributaries that feed it all are world class. These fishing trips will put you in front of some amazing landscapes and big fish. The best thing about the Buffalo Niagara Region is that the fishing isn’t technical – unless you want it to be.

Often times, people ask us, “Who’s your perfect client?” The answer is easy – anyone who is interested in fishing. We guide people of all experience levels. From people that have never held a fishing pole to skilled fly anglers, opportunities abound for all.

Although we can’t control Mother Nature, we can control you’re experience with us. After a day on the water with us, you’ll walk away refreshed, a little smarter, and hopefully wanting more.

Don’t have a boat but want to fish water that requires one? Give us a call. Do you want to learn a new technique? We have you covered. Are you looking for something to do with a little vacation time? We can’t wait to meet you. Do you want to build camaraderie among team members from work? Let’s do it. You’re visiting the area and want to see it from a different angle? Drop us a line. No matter your interests or experience level, we have a guided trip or charter for you. Please take some time to explore all of the links below for a more detailed description of the services we provide.

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Tailor Made Trips


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