Brookdog Fishing Report – 20160717-20160724

Brookdog Fishing Co. Fishing Report

20160717 – 20160724 

Overall Situation Update: The Wavetops

There was a glimmer of hope at the beginning of the week when the temperatures were low and there was some rain in the forecast but the end of the week and the weekend changed all that. Hot air temps continued and the rain didn’t come. Temperature readings on the upper and lower river were in the high 70’s as of this writing and the inland creeks are mere trickles. What does this mean? It’s too hot to fish for muskies for risk of killing them. Bass are deeper and harder to find (at least in the river they are). Carp are off the flats. It is too risky to fish for trout in most of the inland creeks for fear of killing the fish.

Bottom line: please lay off the muskies until the water temps get back into the low 70s, get your deep water game going for smallies, and stay off the trout creeks until we get some rain – a lot more rain. Now’s the time to scout out new water and prepare for the cooler weather and rain that’s bound to come. We’ve managed to scrape up a few smallies on every trip but 3-5 is a banner day at this point.  Relief may be on the horizon – we just got a little rain and there is more in the forecast.  We’ll be paying a lot of attention to this.

This Past Week’s Events:

In an attempt to network and explore a little bit, Ryan and his family visited the Finger Lakes Museum at Keuka Lake and linked up with Natalie Payne, the museum’s Executive Director. Although development is in its infancy, the Finger Lakes Museum will be an informative tourist attraction in the region that, “inspires, educates, and entertains,” while providing, “a place where centuries of cultural and natural history come to life.” Natalie Payne and her team of dedicated volunteers are off to a strong start toward accomplishing this goal.

As part of their fundraising efforts and public awareness campaign, the museum has been hosting eco tours of Keuka Lake. Ryan took part on one of these tours and walked away eager to learn more and visit the area again. If you are looking for a quick family get away of the non-fishing sort, take the quick 2-hour drive out to Keuka Lake and go on one of these eco tours. The town of Pan Yan is a nice place to stay and you’re sure to have a good time.

Of course, some fishing on occurred on Kauka Lake as well. Surface temps on Keuka Lake were near 80 so it was a bit sluggish. Besides, with the family on board swimming in the bath water aside the boat, focused fishing was an exercise in futility – good times nonetheless. The Finger Lakes region offers immense promise for this upcoming fall. We’re looking forward to scratching the surface in the upcoming months.

Sunset on Keuka Lake
Sunset on Keuka Lake


We also had the opportunity to participate in the Rushford Lake Conservation Club Youth Fly Fishing Clinic with our friends, Nick Sagnibene (of Adventure Bound on the Fly), Ryan Welch, Chris Lee, Chris Garcea, Steve Wascher, and Peter Zaffram among others.  This was a great opportunity to introduce the passion of fly fishing to the next generation of anglers.  From tying knots, to casting instruction, to entomology and fishing regulations classes, the kids got a good dose of what our crazy world is all about.  It was a great time and we encourage all local anglers to follow  Rushford Lake Conservation Club on Facebook to remain abreast of ways to help preserve our fisheries and anglers for years to come.

We spent the remaining days of the week in the upper and lower Niagara River. The lower produce nothing (didn’t even move a fish) and there was still a fair amount of floating moss around – enough to aggravate you every few casts. The upper river didn’t produce much either but we managed to land a couple on every trip. We’ve seen decent numbers of smallies and freshwater drum on every drift but they are trying our patience – hook ups are hard to come by.

Inland Creeks – Trout

Same as last week – please keep away from them until we get some serious rain and cooler temps.  We’ve heard some reports of tricos hatches – right on time for those guys but with water levels as low as they are and temperatures as high as they are, we’re going to stay away until conditions improve.

Niagara River – Smallmouth bass, Musky, and Carp

Wind continues to be the challenge by mid-day – as well as high temperatures. This past weekend was chaotic as well. There were MANY pleasure boaters out and the raft “flotilla” from Niawanda Park added to the chaos. If you are going to fish the Upper River or Lake Erie, get out EARLY.

Smallmouth Bass: the smallie bite on the fly continues to be slow but nice fish are coming out of every outing.  We continued to use fast sinking lines and flies that imitate goby minnows and crawfish.  A slow and deep retrieve over rocky bottom at depths between 8-15ft produced fish. We’ve been seeing numerous smallies close to Lake Erie and in Lake Erie. The trick is getting down deep and staying there.

Big Shouldered Smalljaw!
Big Shouldered Smalljaw!
Todd Smith With a Pig!
Todd Smith With a Pig!
A Gorgeous Upper River Smallie
A Gorgeous Upper River Smallie

Muskellunge: The water has been too warm to fish for muskies for fear of killing them once caught. However, there has not been a trip yet where at least two muskies didn’t show themselves. Most of the time, these fish emerge from nowhere and follow the boat for a bit – taunting us. WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! And when the temps drop, we’re coming for you!

Common Carp: no change from last week. If you want to pursue these guys, go south. Friends of ours have been picking them up on some of the warm water rivers south of Buffalo.

Conclusion: At this point, you might be thinking that it’s pretty rough out there for a fly angler right now – and you’d be right. So be it though, hitting the water is better than staying home and you still have the opportunity to learn something every time you’re out. Banner days are ahead! In the interim, keep grinding away and keep your line wet. If you live in Western New York, you have a penchant for delayed gratification – add these dog days of summer to your list of markers for great things to come.

Dawn at Niawanda Park - Every Day is one Day Closer to that Epic Outing!
Dawn at Niawanda Park – Every Day is one Day Closer to that Epic Outing!

Here is Natalie Payne’s contact info:

Natalie Payne
Executive Director
Finger Lakes Museum
Keuka Park, NY 14478
[email protected]

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