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Range December 21 - March 21

Steelhead, Brown Trout, Lake Trout


Its cold, dress accordingly – gloves, thick socks and beanies are essential

December 21 – March 21 (Winter Fishing)

I know what you’re thinking, “Winter fishing in Buffalo Niagara? Really?” Though we have a reputation of being an icebox full of blizzards, there are still some outstanding fishing opportunities through the winter months in Western New York.

Many of the Steelhead that enter the Great Lakes tributaries in fall will winter over until spring spawning time. The cold water can sometimes make the fish sluggish, but there are still many opportunities through the winter to connect with good numbers of fish on egg flies, nymphs, and sometimes streamers. This is a great way to beat the shack-nasties and enjoy the outdoors during the winter.

The winter fishing season is also one of our favorite times of year to target big brown trout on the inland streams of the region. Despite the slower metabolism of trout in ice-cold water and the myths that they won’t expend the precious energy to chase streamers, we connect with a lot of big trout by slowly stripping or swinging streamers through the deep and frigid pools. Quiet solitude and chances to catch some of the biggest trout that swim in the streams – another great way to stave off cabin fever.

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Check out our Winter Fishing Video to see what this time of year is all about in Buffalo Niagara:

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