Fish Species


Rod + Line Combos3-6wt rods, floating line
Flies Streamers big and small, nymphs, dry flies
Peak Season

Late Spring/Early Summer but can be caught year round

Tactics Walk and wade - banging banks with streamers, matching the hatch, nymphing, or prospecting with stimulators
SizeVaries widely depending on the water (5-24")
HabitatFreestone and spring creeks

The Brookdog Perspective...

Rainbows + Brown Trout

As we mentioned above, brook trout are the only trout native to the U.S. east of the Mississippi River. However, they no longer dominate the cold clean waters of Western NY. These days their larger cousins, the brown trout and rainbow trout, prevail…we’re never sure how we feel about this but don’t waste too much time contemplating it. WNY’s claim to fame in trout fly fishing history is that the Caledonia Hatchery was one of the first places where the U.S. Fish Commission introduced the brown trout to our country and the rainbow trout to waters east of the Rockies. Imported from Germany (browns) and the Pacific NW (‘bows) in the 1880s, these fish easily took hold and thrived in our gin clear creeks and continue to do so today. Both fish exhibit similar feeding patterns consuming prey items from aquatic insects to mice – a testament to their adaptability and their ability to grow to trophy sizes. We catch numerous fish over 20” every year during all 4 seasons. Although similar in many ways, once hooked up both are very different. ‘Bows are acrobats – dancing on the surface, leaping out of the water, and making fast runs. Browns are grapplers – diving down to the bottom of pools and thrashing around in attempts to break the line. Pursuing both make for a great day on the water.

Brook Trout

We’ll state this up front – brook trout are scarce in our part of the country so we don’t target them all that often. So why are we mentioning them at all let alone distinguishing them from “trout” by giving them their own page? The answer is twofold: 1. Just look at that fish. It’s beautiful and Ryan’s personal favorite, and 2. Their longevity and playfulness is the source of our company’s name. The pursuit of native species in their native drainage is a recurring theme of Brookdog Fishing Company. The reason is simple – chances are if you follow this rule, you’ll end up fishing in a primitive or picturesque place that will allow you to lose yourself in the surroundings and connect with nature. The brook trout is the only trout native to the cold, clean, rivers east of the Mississippi River. Their beauty, wariness, and ability to blend in with their surroundings is a reflection of thousands of years of evolution inhabiting the now hidden or difficult to access gems of this part of the country. Although spooky, if you are stealthy and can get a fly in position, you’ll likely hook one of these opportunistic feeders. Once on, they bulldog you and dance across the surface until they exhaust themselves easily coming to hand in a display of amazing colors. Although not for anglers looking for size (a big brookie is 9” long around here), the simplicity of brook trout fishing is great for new anglers and those looking to relax.

We Pursue Nearly Every Species the Niagara River, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and their Tributaries have to offer!

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