Fish Species


Rod + Line Combos 7-8wt rods, floating lines
Flies Crustacean, nymphs, or small baitfish patterns
Peak Season

Late Spring / Early Summer

Tactics Hunting down schools and making precision casts
Size Local average is around 10lbs but fish in the 20lb class are common
Habitat Flats and shallow bays in the river or great lakes

The Brookdog Perspective...

Carp fishing connects you to one of the hardest fighting and most respected freshwater fish in the world!

We had to start the description like this to get the point across up front.  Often, the average person thinks of carp as those large gold fish in koi ponds or some ugly bottom feeder.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Carp Fishing is one of our favorite early summer activities on the fly.

If you’ve been paying only a little attention to trends in the fly fishing world, you probably noticed that the carp went from a backwater bottom feeder to sought after sport fish in a short period of time. This is for good reason: carp get huge, are selective feeders making them challenging to catch, fight extremely hard, and are beautiful (O.K. that might be a stretch for some but you can’t dispute the magnificence of their gold and bronze scales).

Carp Fishing is a BLAST!

If you still doubt the legitimacy of the carp’s status as an elite game fish.  Take one minute to Google it.  You’ll find thousands of clubs and tournaments across the country dedicated solely to carp fishing. Putting aside all the hype, carp fishing on the fly is a great time because of all the attributes mentioned above AND it is extremely difficult to take yourself seriously while doing so – automatically making it a good time. Even their nickname, “the freshwater bonefish,” implies a playful yet serious character – kind of like us.

The Niagara River boasts a population of huge specimens of this game fish.  Our charters routinely put fly anglers within casting range of fish that topple the scales in the mid 20lb range and larger fish are definitely a possibility.  Book a carp trip or ask us to spend part of a day pursuing these beasts – you wont regret it.

We Pursue Nearly Every Species the Niagara River, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and their Tributaries have to offer!

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