• Winter Charter Fishing in Buffalo Niagara

    No…I am not going to go on another rant about avoiding the shack nasties. Hopefully, you understand our perspective on how remaining cooped up all winter is a recipe for a slow, yet assured, descent into depression…or worse. I would like to dedicate some time to challenging a few paradigms about charter fishing in the winter. I’m writing this in order to inform locals about a few natural wonders that go on in their back … Continue reading Winter Charter Fishing in Buffalo Niagara

  • Winter Fishing – It’s Not Crazy

    Every fall, after the leaves are gone and we start to see winter creeping up, we discuss the topic of shack nasties. See here for the definition. This year isn’t going to be any different. Consider it an annual public service announcement. If the shock of cold weather hasn’t hit you yet, it will soon. The forecast for the next week or so is looking somewhat grim for those that fear freezing weather. Use this … Continue reading Winter Fishing – It’s Not Crazy

  • Preparation for a Day on the Water

    I’ve been meaning to write about preparing for a day on the water for awhile now but keep kicking it down the road. This will be the opposite of a “how to” article. In a sense, I’m advocating to throw out many of the how to articles you’ve likely read over the years. We’ve discussed fishing preparation in several of our articles. From what to consider in advance of a big road trip to conducting … Continue reading Preparation for a Day on the Water

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  • Urgency is in the Air – Fall is Coming

    Maybe that’s why I like fall so much. When that first cold wind of the season creeps up your spine it triggers a sense of urgency that’s palpable everywhere you look. It’s a season of sensory overload – vibrant colors, incredible smells, tastes you can only experience this time of year. This sensory overload is part of the urgency of it all – it fuels our daily lives in a much more obvious way than … Continue reading Urgency is in the Air – Fall is Coming

  • Late Summer Fishing In Buffalo Niagara

    It’s late summer people. Even I have to kick myself in the butt to shake the late summer lull. If you’re a resident of the great lakes region, you do everything you can to maximize your summer. Why do we behave this way you westerners and southerners may ask? Because our winters are harsh and some of us hibernate. The problem with this way of life is that many of us take it too hard … Continue reading Late Summer Fishing In Buffalo Niagara

  • The Journey – Revelations About Chalking All 50 States

    The adage that it is not about the destination it’s about the journey sounds cliché when you’re young. (Yeah – this is going to be another philosophical piece so if you want the fish porn, scroll to the bottom and check out the pics). Watch, someone will comment that I’m still young (I’m 40). I may be young compared to many but I’m old in the eyes of my colleagues in their 20s and probably … Continue reading The Journey – Revelations About Chalking All 50 States

  • The People – Why We Keep Doing What We Do

    Disclaimer: I’m not a spokesperson for all guides by any means. I am junior in this business with only a little over 2 years under my belt. Although I may be relatively new to this industry as a professional, I feel compelled to write about my observations…for posterity sake. It would be an added benefit if my colleagues actually read the content and provided meaningful commentary in response. Either way, I believe what will follow … Continue reading The People – Why We Keep Doing What We Do

  • Getting Older and Feeling Better – Fishing as a Fountain of Youth

    So I turned 40 today. I’m not a big birthday person so I’m bordering on hypocrisy writing this but I mention the fact that I’m getting older for a reason.

  • Summer – It’s Officially Here – Don’t get into the Summer Lull

    It’s officially summer according to the calendars and how the earth spins around the sun.  Long days, short nights, great weather, and plenty of opportunity to fish.  It’s time to embrace the fact that summer is here.  However, don’t get into the summer lull and forget how fleeting our summers around here can be.    The Summer Lull – Avoid it The summer lull is something that can affect all of us that live around … Continue reading Summer – It’s Officially Here – Don’t get into the Summer Lull

  • Upper Peninsula Smalljaws on the Fly

    Until this last week – I had never been to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In a couple words, it’s an anglers paradise. There is water everywhere and people are scarce. That means low pressure and a ton of water to yourself. Oh yeah – there are big smalljaws in many of the rivers as well. What else can you ask for? How the Upper Peninsula Adventure and About Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters sold me on … Continue reading Upper Peninsula Smalljaws on the Fly

  • Late Spring Lull in Buffalo Niagara

    A Little Late Spring Lull Late spring can be unpredictable around Buffalo Niagara and this year is no exception. Weird temperature swings, wild shifts in wind direction, and smallies transitioning to full spawn mode have slowed things down slightly. By slowed things down I mean instead of boating 40plus jaws in a day we’ve been hovering around the mid 20s. The smaller males have been defending their territory while the females have been on beds. … Continue reading Late Spring Lull in Buffalo Niagara

  • The State of Being Well-Fished

    The State of Being Well-Fished I’m well-fished. This time of year is insane for guides in Buffalo Niagara and I imagine it’s the same for our peers across the northeast and the Great Lakes region. Memorial Day weekend is often the first good stretch of time off work people get when there is great weather for outdoor activities. Considering how frigid our spring was here in Buffalo Niagara – there was/is a lot of pent … Continue reading The State of Being Well-Fished

  • The Smalljaw Syndicate – Buffalo Niagara Represents

    Buffalo Niagara – A Strong Stop on the Smalljaw Syndicate A few years ago, Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters started an Instagram hashtag – #smalljawsyndicate. It was and continues to be a great branding and marketing tool that generates a strong appeal for smallmouth bass. Let’s face it – in the fly fishing world, for generations, trout have reigned supreme as the target game species for fly anglers. Although trout are a very appealing quarry … Continue reading The Smalljaw Syndicate – Buffalo Niagara Represents

  • Happy Mothers Day – Show Some Love to the Moms in Your Life

    Happy Mothers Day, Mom! Mothers Day – I’m usually not a fan of contrived holidays but I am a fan of celebrating this one. If it wasn’t for my mother and my beautiful wife I wouldn’t be where I am today – a happy father doing what I love. My only hope is that reading this take the opportunity to reflect on what the mothers in our life have given to us to get us … Continue reading Happy Mothers Day – Show Some Love to the Moms in Your Life

  • A New Pattern and Warm Weather – Finally!

    Finally! Warm Weather and a New Pattern At long last, a new pattern is here. If you’ve been reading our posts for awhile now, you know that I lack patience. That comes into play when I’ve been doing the same thing for a prolonged period. Last September was the last time I fished without my bib and warming layers. Finally, this new pattern of warmth and sunny skies over the last week allowed me to … Continue reading A New Pattern and Warm Weather – Finally!

  • Big Water in Washington State – Home Away from Home

    Big Water Washington – Home Away From Home Do you know the feeling you get on the final approach to your fishing destination? By final approach, I mean the drive, flight, or boat ride that ultimately gets you to your basecamp. The feeling for me is usually anxiety laden up to the reveal. After the reveal, I normalize pretty quickly and start wanting to fish. That is not what happened when the Zone (Tony Lohr … Continue reading Big Water in Washington State – Home Away from Home

  • The Fishing Workout – Plus Observations from the Water – 20180408 – 20180414

    People normally don’t put physical fitness and fishing together in the same sentence. I mean, why would you? For most, fishing is a way to escape the weekly grind and leave the toils of life behind. Considering it a workout may taint the experience for some. However, think about every guide you’ve ever known. How many are fat? I’m betting not many. You don’t often see fat/out of shape guides. In fact, staying in shape … Continue reading The Fishing Workout – Plus Observations from the Water – 20180408 – 20180414

  • False Spring – Being Cold is Getting Old – 20180401-20180407

    What is a false spring? I made the term up this past week. Well…in my head I made it up and haven’t bothered to research if it’s a real thing. A false spring is when the images and sensations one so fondly associates with this season don’t seem to come to pass. Things like budding trees, warmer temperatures, increased time outside, the smells of flowers, pairing of animals, birds you haven’t seen in a while … Continue reading False Spring – Being Cold is Getting Old – 20180401-20180407

  • How to Execute a Fishing Bender

    Do you need a fishing bender? Look no further than Buffalo Niagara We’ve had the pleasure of executing numerous fishing benders all over the country in the past couple of decades. We cataloged many of them in our Re-Discover Your Region series of short films. However, it wasn’t until a client of ours executed a bender to Buffalo Niagara that I felt compelled to capture how perfect this place is for such an undertaking. You … Continue reading How to Execute a Fishing Bender

  • Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing

    Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing and Getting in Touch with your Fishery “Just drive down that road, until you get blown up,” – General George Patton, about the role for reconnaissance troops “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted,” – John Marsden Viewed through the lens of modern warfighters, General Patton’s methods for reconnaissance were extremely crude.  Although a bit simplistic, he makes a valuable point for anglers who often get comfortable in … Continue reading Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing

  • Complacency Kills Angling Prospects

    Does Complacency Kill in Angling? Back in my military days, Complacency Kills, was a phrase embedded in our heads starting in basic training. The theory behind the idea is that if you become complacent, you lose situational awareness.  If you lose situational awareness, you could end up getting yourself and your fellow warriors killed. Yeah, that’s a bit extreme if you try to directly apply that example to what you do on the water – … Continue reading Complacency Kills Angling Prospects

  • Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311

    Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311 Late winter in Buffalo Niagara often feels like, well, winter. Just like it did this past week. The temperatures were below freezing, the wind blew from just about every direction week, and it snowed – white outs at times. That may sound dreary to some – to most people probably. From casual small talk at the gas station to random conversations with friends and acquaintances, people think it’s insane … Continue reading Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311

  • Take Someone Fishing

    Take Someone Fishing Take Someone Fishing. It’s a simple ask. Whether you consider yourself an angler or someone who fishes every once in a while – chances are that when you reflect on your time spent fishing, it brings back fond memories. There’s some science/psychology behind this reaction but that’s not my area of expertise. I do believe I’m kind of savvy in the science of fishing and based on all the smiles I’ve seen … Continue reading Take Someone Fishing

  • The Dog Days of Winter – is That a Thing?

    Are the dog days of winter a thing? I was out fishing on the Lower Niagara River with Chuck and his bride Sara a few days ago when the concept of the “dog days of winter” popped up. Not even a week earlier, he and I both had strong days in the same spot using the same tactics. That day, however, action was sporadic. Not so slow as to make us lose interest but slow … Continue reading The Dog Days of Winter – is That a Thing?

  • To Harvest or Not to Harvest

    To Harvest or Not to Harvest – That is the Question To harvest your catch or to not harvest your catch? In a culture where catch and release is sacrosanct, proper fish handling procedures lead to arguments, and advocating eating our catch is political suicide, why would that question even pop into my head? Our clients rarely ask to keep fish (except for salmon and I haven’t run any walleye charters so…) so the conversation … Continue reading To Harvest or Not to Harvest

  • Guyana – Paradise for the Adventurous Angler

    Guyana – An Adventurous Angler’s Paradise Our Guyana trip was a resounding success! It’s no secret – we love to fish and think about it incessantly. We are fortunate to live and guide in a fishery that keeps us engaged year-round and we love advocating for it every chance we get. Although we love our home waters here in Buffalo Niagara, we still have a wanderlust that pushes us to explore new places, learn new … Continue reading Guyana – Paradise for the Adventurous Angler

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