Buffalo Niagara Winters: Stave Off the Shack Nasties

Buffalo Niagara winters can be painful…if you let them

Although our region is known for an insane amount of snow and frigid temperatures, it’s really not all that bad.  At some point, years ago, we got a bad rap.  I’m not sure how, because Buffalo Niagara winters aren’t even in the top 20 coldest in the lower 48.  We don’t get that much snow either.  Sure, every once in awhile we get a strong blast of lake effect snow but it melts quickly and just creates a soggy mess.

This bad reputation for horrible winters in Buffalo Niagara is truly a shame.  Even some of our locals buy into it.  That kind of sucks because this should be a winter tourist destination (more on that in a minute.  The real issue – just one guy’s opinion – is the wind and clouds.

Days often go by where the sun won’t poke out from the clouds and the winds rage in the upper teens to lower 20s MPH.  That lack of sun and the sometimes screaming wind often keep people indoors.  Cocooning like this creates what’s called the shack nasties.  This disorder causes pale skin, depression, weight gain, and a general malaise toward life.  NO WAY!

We refuse to be bound up indoors!  After all, look  at what we’d be missing if we did.  Oh yeah, the fishing is pretty good too.  Click here for details about our winter fishery. 

The mighty Cattaraugus River
The mighty Cattaraugus River
The mighty Cattaraugus River
Winter Steelheading on Lake Erie Tributaries
Sword and sheath
Parking Lot Prep
Winter Steelheading on Lake Erie Tributaries
TFO Promo
Steelheading = lots of casting

Don’t get the shack nasties!!!  Give us a call to experience this region first hand instead of looking at it on a little screen.

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