How to Execute a Fishing Bender

Do you need a fishing bender? Look no further than Buffalo Niagara We’ve had the pleasure of executing numerous fishing benders all over the country in the past couple of decades. We cataloged many of them in our Re-Discover Your Region series of short films. However, it wasn’t until a client of ours executed a bender to Buffalo Niagara that I felt compelled to capture how perfect this place is for such an undertaking. You … Continue reading How to Execute a Fishing Bender

Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing

Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing and Getting in Touch with your Fishery “Just drive down that road, until you get blown up,” – General George Patton, about the role for reconnaissance troops “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted,” – John Marsden Viewed through the lens of modern warfighters, General Patton’s methods for reconnaissance were extremely crude.  Although a bit simplistic, he makes a valuable point for anglers who often get comfortable in … Continue reading Reconnaissance – the Cure for Slow Fishing

Complacency Kills Angling Prospects

Does Complacency Kill in Angling? Back in my military days, Complacency Kills, was a phrase embedded in our heads starting in basic training. The theory behind the idea is that if you become complacent, you lose situational awareness.  If you lose situational awareness, you could end up getting yourself and your fellow warriors killed. Yeah, that’s a bit extreme if you try to directly apply that example to what you do on the water – … Continue reading Complacency Kills Angling Prospects

Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311

Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311 Late winter in Buffalo Niagara often feels like, well, winter. Just like it did this past week. The temperatures were below freezing, the wind blew from just about every direction week, and it snowed – white outs at times. That may sound dreary to some – to most people probably. From casual small talk at the gas station to random conversations with friends and acquaintances, people think it’s insane … Continue reading Late Winter Fishing Report – 20180305-20180311

Take Someone Fishing

Take Someone Fishing Take Someone Fishing. It’s a simple ask. Whether you consider yourself an angler or someone who fishes every once in a while – chances are that when you reflect on your time spent fishing, it brings back fond memories. There’s some science/psychology behind this reaction but that’s not my area of expertise. I do believe I’m kind of savvy in the science of fishing and based on all the smiles I’ve seen … Continue reading Take Someone Fishing

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