Getting Started as Guide: The First Year

Avoiding the Quagmire in Your First Year as a Guide I am a fishing guide and charter captain.  That makes me a professional – I guess – whatever that means.  I’m new to the business so I am not an expert in the industry.  We just started our business last summer.  So the only label I can give myself at this point is that of a student. No matter how renowned they are, all the great … Continue reading Getting Started as Guide: The First Year

Re-Discover Your Region: Shaking the Shack Nasties

Do Not Get Bound Inside this Winter For our third episode of Re-Discover Your Region, we shake the winter shack nasties by exploring the Great Lakes tributaries.  The pursuit of steelhead on these creeks during the winter can lead to big fish in some breathtakingly beautiful settings.  It’s not for the faint of heart but if you dress appropriately, you could bear witness to a winter wonderland unlike anywhere else in the region. Special Thanks … Continue reading Re-Discover Your Region: Shaking the Shack Nasties

Fly Fishing for Musky – Interested?

A New Authoritative Source for Musky On The Fly Over the past few years, much has been made of pursuing muskellunge on the fly and for good reason.  These fish they get huge, have sharp teeth, are photogenic, and are difficult to catch. Muskellunge (or musky) are THE apex predators with gills in freshwater. Because they are at the top of the food chain, they eat when they feel like it.  This makes them hard to target … Continue reading Fly Fishing for Musky – Interested?

Cutthroat Trout: Hunting for Headwater Gems

Getting out of your Head While Hunting For Cutthroat Trout I’m sure we’re not alone in our love for native fish.  It’s pretty easy to explain the attraction.  Chances are, if you’re hunting natives, especially trout, you’re in a breathtakingly beautiful location and few fellow anglers are anywhere to be seen.  If anglers hike far enough, up to the headwaters of creeks, it’s nearly a sure bet you’ll end up in a remote location.  You’ll … Continue reading Cutthroat Trout: Hunting for Headwater Gems

T-Shirts: Pre-Order Now

We’ll Order the T-Shirts this Week You voted and the results are in.  There was an interesting trend in the voting.  Women preferred blue, white, and gray on a black background.  Men preferred the yellow, tan, and black on a green background.  So, we’ve decided to take care of both genders by offering both t-shirts. We’ll state this up front – we are not going to get into the t-shirt business.  That will be obvious … Continue reading T-Shirts: Pre-Order Now

Buffalo Niagara Winters: Stave Off the Shack Nasties

Buffalo Niagara winters can be painful…if you let them Although our region is known for an insane amount of snow and frigid temperatures, it’s really not all that bad.  At some point, years ago, we got a bad rap.  I’m not sure how, because Buffalo Niagara winters aren’t even in the top 20 coldest in the lower 48.  We don’t get that much snow either.  Sure, every once in awhile we get a strong blast … Continue reading Buffalo Niagara Winters: Stave Off the Shack Nasties

Fishing for Bowfin – Blue Collar Stuff

Bowfin: Add These Dinosaur Fish to Your Bucket List Earlier this year, a fishing buddy of mine, Chuck Yauch, introduced me to the idea of fishing for bowfin around the Buffalo Niagara region.  Up to that point, I hadn’t really taken the idea seriously.  Nate showed me some pictures of them in spawning colors years ago (they’re incredibly beautiful by the way).  He and I talked whimsically about going down to some marshes in PA … Continue reading Fishing for Bowfin – Blue Collar Stuff

Largemouth Bass on the Frog

Yep – we caught largemouth bass on the frog.  Topwater.  For hours. What better area than the Florida Everglades where you can consistently bomb huge casts down a long straight bank that’s consistently covered with weeds along a steep drop-off? Frogging is a blast! The retrieve on the surface, the visual take by the fish, the discipline required to wait a couple seconds before setting the hook, and the strong hook set. So much fun! … Continue reading Largemouth Bass on the Frog

Midas Cichlids are a Blast – if You Can Get One to Commit

Aren’t these guys incredibly photogenic?  This is a Midas Cichlid and he put up a fight well above his weight class. Thanks to Scott Rose for putting me on this beautiful little guy!  Drop Scott a line if you want to chalk-up this species along with many other SFL canal inhabitants ( I’m thinking this is going to be a yearly trip for me.  Maybe a destination for a Rediscover Your Region Episode. Here’s a quick … Continue reading Midas Cichlids are a Blast – if You Can Get One to Commit

Winter Vacation: A Quick Trip Down South

Like many Northerners in the middle of winter, images of sunny days, flip-flops, lighter beers, and warmer climes have been haunting me lately. That’s not to say that I don’t love our Buffalo, NY winters and the excellent fishing and other outdoor activities that accompany the season around here – I do – very much so. But sometimes, the shorter days and lack of sunlight can wear me down leaving me contemplating a quick escape. … Continue reading Winter Vacation: A Quick Trip Down South

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