Fishing Report – Local/Adventure

It’s been awhile since we put out a semi-weekly fishing report.  To be honest, although we have been fishing, the focus of the past couple weeks has been spending quality time with our families prior to what is going to be a busy fall.  Kids starting school and planning for upcoming trips have been a pleasant distraction from daily outings in one of the greatest offices in the world.  Our local waters have been fishing well, … Continue reading Fishing Report – Local/Adventure

Old Crow – Consistency Amidst a Nomadic Lifestyle

I’ve told this story to quite a few people over the years.  The other guy involved in this piece of non-fiction has been reading our blog posts and recommended I tell it – if for no other reason than entertainment value.  What will follow is a tale of exploration, getting off the grid, taking in breathtaking scenery…well, mostly this is a story about a nearly decade’s long relationship with what is now a mainstay on … Continue reading Old Crow – Consistency Amidst a Nomadic Lifestyle

Reconnaissance – Just Drive Down That Road

“Just drive down that road, until you get blown up,” – General George Patton, about the role for reconnaissance troops “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted,” – John Marsden Viewed through the lens of modern warfighters, General Patton’s methods for reconnaissance were extremely crude and paid little regard for the lives of his soldiers.  Although a bit simplistic, he makes a valuable point for anglers who often get comfortable in routine.  I have to … Continue reading Reconnaissance – Just Drive Down That Road

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