Fishermen Immortalized

We’ve noticed a recent trend in magazines, on Facebook, in Twitter feeds, and on Instagram that we find disturbing, inconsiderate, and downright weak – hero shot haters. Our approach to determine who all these haters are hasn’t been scientific but anecdotal observations in these social media forums reveal that these guys are neither industry leaders, nor respected professionals, nor top echelon anglers – just local haters doing what haters do. We’ve been treating these guys … Continue reading Fishermen Immortalized

Worms and Minnas Work the Best

FYI – that isn’t us in the video – but this guy definitely knows how to get it done! Something like 30 years ago, give or take, I learned something profound about fishing.  It was early summer and the smallie bite was hot along the Niagara River drop off near Buckhorn Island.  Following days on end of spending at least an hour before fishing harvesting crawfish, I decided it was time to pick up some … Continue reading Worms and Minnas Work the Best

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